When it comes to something like ayahuasca, it’s important for you to be prepared. A lot of people go into it not knowing what to expect and leave either impressed or disappointed. With something as potentially life-altering as ayahuasca, it’s best to prepare yourself beforehand.

Here are six things to know before your first ayahuasca experience:

1 – You need to do your homework

Unfortunately, not everyone out there wants what’s best for you. Some people just want to make money and will cut costs wherever they can. It’s crucial for you to do your homework and make sure that the ayahuasca retreat that you’re visiting is safe and run by people who want what’s best for you. A lot of people neglect to do so and end up asking retreat centers about the details of the ceremony and where they source the ingredients for the brew after they arrive. It’s important for you to know these things beforehand. An ayahuasca ceremony is a potentially life-changing experience. It’s intimate and will open you up to vulnerability. Make sure you have your experience in a place where you know that you’ll be safe and comfortable.

2 – It isn’t a cure-all

As powerful as it can be, ayahuasca is not a cure-all. You aren’t going to magically be “all better.” Ayahuasca can impart powerful wisdom and insight upon you, but you’re still going to have to do the work. It’s sad to say that there are quite a few retreat centers and “shamans” that will reel off a long list of diseases that the brew can cure. The truth is that an ayahuasca experience is different for everyone. You need to have realistic expectations and be open-minded about the experience. Let the medicine guide you but be willing to drive the change on your own.

3 – It may be painful

An ayahuasca experience can be incredibly beautiful and life-changing. However, it can also be painful. Ayahuasca brings things that we’ve been pushing down up to the surface, forcing us to face them and learn from them. We may have to take a deep look at ourselves and see who we have become. However, the pain is part of the process. It’s those difficult, painful experiences that mold and shape us into our best selves. You can embrace the beauty, but you have to embrace the pain, too.

4 – The purge is healing

The vomiting, diarrhea, and sweating can be rather unpleasant. However, it’s actually quite healing. The purge is both a physical and a mental purge. Anything toxic that is blocking the positive energy can be released and you’ll soon feel a freedom that you probably haven’t felt in a while.

5 – Location matters

Your overall ayahuasca experience will be made up of a couple of different factors. It isn’t only the brew itself, but also the people who you go through the experience with as well as the location of your experience. This is why it’s crucial for you to do your research and look for a center that you’re comfortable with. You should look into the owners, the ceremonial facilitator, and other details. Any reputable center should make this information readily available to you. If you aren’t comfortable during the experience, it probably won’t be as good of an experience as it could have been. The set, the ceremony, and the facilitator will have a big role to play in your experience. Make sure you choose the right ones.

6 – Safety first

Ayahuasca is a very potent medicine that should not be taken lightly. Reputable retreat centers know this and will make sure that you undergo a thorough medical screening prior to the ceremony. You’ll have to answer a number of questions for them to ensure that you’re in good condition and able to safely participate. Don’t lie just to participate. Your safety is important. Just like just about any other drug out there, ayahuasca is safe as long as it’s taken under the right conditions. Don’t turn your life-changing experience into a terrible one by putting yourself at risk. Remember – if any retreat center agrees to let you participate without any medical considerations, turn around and run!

If you would like to experience the healing offered by ayahuasca and are looking for a retreat to participate in, contact us today! We would love to have you along with us and play a part in your healing process.