People are always looking for ways to stay connected with their inner selves, whether through meditation, sensory deprivation, or other methods. One of the most effective ways to reach down to experience something deeper within yourself is with the help of a substance, and ayahuasca has the potency to take you on a journey into your mind. This mysterious Amazonian drink has been around for centuries – maybe even longer – and the people of the lush jungle are still drinking it today. Many travelers who seek to reconcile with their lost spirit visit the shamans in the hopes of finding themselves again. If you’re one of these lost souls, Mother Ayahuasca is waiting for you in the Peruvian Amazon.

What is Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca is a drink mixture made by brewing the bark and stems of a Banisteriopsis caapi vine along with other herbs found in the jungle. The caapi vines have a high DMT content, giving it a potent psychoactive property. The combination of the herbs and leaves enhance the potency even more. The effect of ayahuasca can last up to six hours, and for some, the effects can be so strong that they lead to an out-of-body experience. Others have reported that the effects are minimal to non-existent for them. The potency of the drink depends on several factors such as the food you consume, your health, and your natural receptiveness to the psychoactive properties of ayahuasca.

Respect the culture

Local Amazonians believe that the recipe for the ayahuasca drink was given to them by Mother Ayahuasca herself – making it more than just a drink to them. The drink has strong religious roots that tie it to the fabric of the culture of the Amazonian tribes themselves. The Shipibo-Conibo shamans of Peru believe that Mother Ayahuasca is the Mother of the Jungle, and she gave the drink to them to treat both their bodies and minds. Because of this, the drink is more than just something one would consume to get high, and any traveler who comes seeking a ceremony should approach the treatment with respect and not contempt.

Where can you get ayahuasca treatments

Ayahuasca is a tradition for many Amazonian tribes and the ones that didn’t have it started replicating the drink when the popularity of the drink rose. Of all the places a traveler can go, Iquitos in Peru is one of the best. The tribes offer a month-long spiritual getaway or a day trip into the world of ayahuasca. The cost can range from $3,000 in the longest plan and $60 for a day trip. You can book and pay for these trips online.

Look for a reputable shaman

A shaman is a spiritual guide. They have a connection with the spirit world, and they can show you glimpses of it through several ways, including through ayahuasca. If one is to ask people in Iquitos about where they can find a shaman, they will claim that they are one, whether they’re a shop owner or a taxi driver. Oftentimes, they do this to sell something to you, whether it’s their homemade “ayahuasca,” alcohol, or another dangerous substance. These people are not to be believed, so you should look for the most reputable shamans to ensure your safety and effectiveness of the drink.

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