San Pedro Retreat in Ecuador

San Pedro is a traditional Andean medicine that has been used for over 300 centuries. The name San Pedro is derived from Christian mythology: Saint Peter was said to hold the keys to the gates of heaven, and in the ancient traditions of the Andes, the San Pedro cactus is said to hold the key to heavenly gates.

In South America, San Pedro is also known as Huachuma, and is drunk as a sacred medicine to cure emotional, spiritual, physical and mental conditions, including addiction. San Pedro grows throughout Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru. It is considered a highly sacred plant along with tobacco, Ayahuasca and coca leaves, all of which are protected by the government.

San Pedro is said to have a Grandfather-like spirit, and is a teacher of great compassion and understanding. It shows us how to live in balance and harmony; how to love, respect, and honor all living beings. It connects us to the natural energies of Pachamama (mother earth) and opens up and clears our chakras, especially our heart. It is common for participants drinking to report seeing the life energy in the form of luminous fibers emanating from mountains, fingertips and people alike. It is a window into the spiritual dimensions that normally go unnoticed in our day-to-day lives and it is a place where you can draw meaning from the invisible world, a world the shamans have been pointing us to since humans had a relationship with the natural world. San Pedro teaches us the correct attitude, a moderate approach, and a harmonious relationship to the physical and spiritual worlds.

San Pedro can produce powerful visions and induce a rich tapestry of beautiful colorful images. Often these visions are accompanied by an inner knowing and direct spiritual guidance to the questions you are seeking answers to. San Pedro can also make you purge if you are working through energetic blocks or any undigested emotions that you have held onto over the years. You will usually feel a great sense of relief and healing after you get it out, you should always allow it and never fight it, it is all part of the healing process working with San Pedro.

An interesting note: According to the Andean shamans, San Pedro creates a portal of the un-manifested possibilities and it is the shaman’s work to find the best possibilities in each individual or situation, then speak to that possibility, in this way the best version of that person or situation is supported by the shaman’s prayers and intentions, and then ushered in to the present matrix reality. It is also why shamans spend a great deal of time praying with tobacco in ceremonies and making offerings. It is a time of new possibilities that transcend the fabric of time and space.

So it is with this understanding that the shamans offer their prayers, promoting beautiful ideas and intentions of healing into the universal consciousness. When a shaman has this relationship with San Pedro, connecting him deeply with his intentions and with the spirit world, unexplained and spontaneous healing happens.