Our Staff

Mateo Buki

Mateo brings his youthful energy and enthusiasm to the retreat center sharing his knowledge as student of the science of Yoga, an apprentice of manual therapies and also as a meditation practicioner.

From an early age he was close to the world of plant medicine and ancestral practices and has continued to learn and serve as an assistant to the shamans in ceremony with medicinal chants and mantras.He leads the groups in Yoga practices, Meditation sessions, body work and also the medicine of the sacred Kambo frog.

Everett Smith

From construction to Executive chef, to childhood cancer awareness advocate, to philanthropic nomad, the journey and mission continues…

A part of my life’s journey after age 40 was spent behind the back of the house doors of restaurants and kitchens, private parties and large gatherings, where I spent many years cooking and creating meals, menus and memories. Having ended that part of my life, ultimately as a Vegan\Vegetarian chef, the call came to simplify my life and find my true purpose. So I began to walk. After the many years that followed my exit from the grind, through solitary exploration of who and what I am, my life began to unfold, again. A friend pointed me south to Ecuador, which ultimately landed me in the Sacred Valley of Vilcabamba, where after my first 3 month visit i was called by the Divine Source to return to serve a higher purpose and continue to follow my path. But first I had a few more miles to do.

Logging in thousands of miles of trail time through long distance hiking and long distance runs, for the past 6 years I have been advocating and been an activist for childhood cancer awareness by joining various foundations to help them achieve their personal and financial goals.
From transcontinental running relays, running long distance team missions, solo adventuring to hiking the Appalachian Trail, my life is dedicated to service and love. I am honored to be here at Casa Del Sol to continue my path.

Natalia Lanchi

Natalia, or as we lovingly call her ‘Nati’, was born and raised in Sacapo in San Pedro de Vilcabamba, very close to where Casa de Sol is located. Nati is our center’s master cook.

During every retreat she puts her whole heart into creating delicious meals she prepares for us. Her cuisine reflects her upbringing with food that is both nourishing and full of love. Nati and her family still live in a traditional way, with the same connection to the land that their ancestors have felt for many generations; planting their crops on the hills without using any chemicals, raising their own animals in a more natural way, and keeping their seeds for planting the next season.

Nati and her family hold a deep knowledge in natural agriculture practices, including following the cycles of the Moon for planting, harvesting, pruning and so on. Their lives are closely connected to Nature. This way of living is quickly disappearing. Nati and her family are a living source of ancestral knowledge and reminder to how to relate to our Mother Earth. When you come to visit, you will feel this pureness of heart through her essence and through her attitude, and ultimately through her caring attentiveness.

Our colLaborators

Bernarda Bravo

I am certified nurse and Neural Therapist. My art as I see it is putting my skills into the practice of Alternative Medicine. My hobby is searching and studying  how to lead a healthier and happier life.

I administer injectable doses of Essential nutrients like: Vitamin C mega-doses, Magnesium, B Vitamin complex, Glutathione (antioxidant), German Homeopathic remedies, etc…

The Vitamin C that I administer is of high quality and safe, from a German source.

Benefits of Vitamin C 

  • powerful antioxidant
  • stimulates the production of stem cells
  • helps regenerate the endothelium
  • reduces any type of inflammation
  • produces Collagen synthesis
  • eliminates virus and other pathogens from the body.

As a committed Neural Therapist, I put my alternative healing skills into practice. This is my science and my art.


Enma Cordero

Growing up in a family where Ancestral Medicine was practiced, from a very young age, I often accompanied and helped my grandmother when she treated her patients with herbs and plants. I was always very attentive and asked curiously about which plants she used, what they were for, absorbing all the knowledge I could.

Also from a very early age It seemed i was very intuitive, always giving advice to my friends about what to do. There were healers on my father’s side who had the gift of seeing, but I never thought that my intuition was the beginning of that same gift. I grew up without my father, but at 22 just before he died, he told me that he saw that I had the gift too. It wasn’t until after various events and a vivid dream where God told me it was time to use my gift to heal others.

Beginning in 1998 I started my business ‘SaluVida’, as a model to support the visualization and learning of ancestral Health and agro-ecological production in an integral way. 

I am a leader of farmers at the local and national level, with vast experience gained through multiple roles and functions that I have performed in different companies, associations, farmers movements and personal ventures. I also have vast knowledge acquired in organizational management, agro-ecological production, nutrition, social leadership and Ancestral medicine.