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Men’s Masculine Retreat (few testimonials in video) Ben McGrath
After a personal crisis I spent a few months in Ecuador with Santiago. Casa del sol is a blessed space. As soon as I spent my first night there I began dreaming very vividly and I had not had any dreams worth remembering in years. Through many easy and difficult lessons throughout the next few months, I returned home and made moves In my life I would never of done had I not received what I did at Casa del Sol. I am almost effortlessly in a much more powerful place on the earth and also taking care of myself in a way I had not bothered to do so before. Thank you so much to the Ayala family


Kristine Vanschyndel
I had the privilege and pleasure to take part in a 10 day retreat with Santiago, Ximena and their family. The experience is something that is difficult to put into words. I can say that it is life changing and am so grateful for everything I have learned. The time and experiences I have shared with them, I truly value and will remember forever. I consider them part of my family and dear friends. I hope that I can continue to come back throughout my life to continue learning. I highly recommend to anybody interested, that if you feel the calling, to listen to your heart and follow it. Thank you for everything you do Santiago and Ximena. You are wonderful people with beautiful hearts


Jack Byrd
I met Santiago at a sacred medicine retreat near Cuenca, Ecuador in 2016. I was going through a very difficult and confusing time, and shared with the group that I was unsure what I was doing there. But I was really saying I was uncertain about the direction of my life. Santiago asked me very direct questions in the group setting—the questions I needed to hear and contemplate. But he did so with such a great sense of humor—and love—that I was able to look at myself and my life from a new perspective. And to not take myself so seriously. 😀 I’m laughing even as I write this. From that day on, I realized I was in the presence of a true master, and a genuinely good man. I have not yet been to Casa Del Sol (though I hope to go there one day soon), but I can say without a doubt that with Santiago as your host and guide, it’s a Retreat Center with a heart. 💚 Diva Tyler
I had pondered over having this spiritual experience for almost 7 years allowing fear to sway me from this inevitable journey. Once I’d finally made the decision that I would sojourn to this beautiful retreat high up in the Andes mountains to finally answer the calling deep in my soul, I was very fortunate to have been able to partake in some of my first Sacred Ceremonies under the sincere care and tutelage of such an esteemed Shaman as Santiago Ayala. I was still quite nervous when I arrived, but upon being graced with Santiago’s presence, all my fears were immediately dispelled; His benevolent attitude, calming spirit, and comforting smile immediately placed me at ease. During ceremony his wisdom and great skill was undeniable,
This treasured experience created quite a defining moment in my life and the take-away is immeasurable.
I spent my time at the retreat from September – December 2016 and participated in several of the ceremonies, it is now June 2018, and I am still evolving, unfolding and slowly awakening to the fact that once you know, you can never go back to not knowing.

Santiago, because of your introduction to the amazing sacred medicine you prepared from the beautiful plant teachers, I Now realize without a single doubt that I am a part of everything, everyone and all that is and that the sacred ceremony never ends. Thank you for your service and your guidance. I will see you and your beautiful family again.


Molly Randa
I have so much love for this place! Casa Del Sol is a place where you are safe to explore the deep roots of your healing journey. No matter who you are or where you are from, you will be welcomed into the human family and acknowledged as your unique and beautiful self. This separateness that we often feel in this world causes so much of our pain. Come back to the sacred circle and be welcomed in. Face your true self and find your feet again. Whatever you seek, whatever you question, you can find the tools here to unlocking the answers.
Santiago and Ximena have been working with the medicines for many years and have gained the respect of all who have the opportunity to meet them. The land is a sacred oasis full of spirits and magic. I can’t say enough about this place. It is very dear to my heart. My very first ceremony with Santiago changed my life. It rekindled a deep love for all things, self-respect and faith of purpose. I came not knowing what I needed but only that I needed to go. I was greeted with so much love and truth and strength to follow my heart. Trust your calling.

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