Sacred Initiation in the Peruvian Andean Tradition

June 20 - 28

It is above all a great honor and the manifestation of a very special dream for the Casa Del Sol family to offer the opportunity to present to you the precious possibility of connecting with the finest and most special that we have found in our long journey.

From the beginning of our initiatory path through the Sacred Temples and power centers of the Andean world of Elder Peru, we dream of one day sharing that magical knowledge and ancestral wisdom with our Casa del Sol family.

In the oral transmission of all the peoples and ancestral traditions of the world, there is talk of a mythical prophecy, which tells that the time of the Great Transition has arrived, symbolized by the meeting of the flight of the condor and the eagle, called in the Andean world the Pachacutik era, in which the human being returns to the great awakening of consciousness in times of profound confusion and picks up the threads of the great fabric of memory that are the legacy that our grandfathers and grandmothers left in good custody to be revealed in the future. times of need they knew were to come.

Thus, the solar tradition of the so-called “Children of the Sun” chose guardians of this sacred knowledge to go into the highest of the Andean mountains and protect their practices, rituals and understandings there for several hundred years without being distorted by the imposition of the Catholic religion of the Spanish conquerors. These guardians of the Children of the Sun are known as the Q’ero nation.

Approximately 60 years ago they began to come down from their home in the mountains and share their knowledge and ritual practices from the understanding that the time has come for human beings to turn their gaze and efforts to reconnect with the primordial forces that they make life possible for us and the need to reintegrate into the harmonious flow of nature from which modern life is deeply uprooted.

Pachamama is a high living consciousness conceived as the Great Nurturing Mother, her body encompasses the entire planet and her backbone is the Andes Mountains. It is here where various centers of powerful energy come together and are concentrated, identified by our grandfathers and grandmothers as Sacred Sanctuaries where they erected their Temples to honor and connect with the particular energies that manifest in each energy channel. It is a very broad and deep knowledge, since by analogy our own bodies replicate this cosmic design and by connecting and activating these energy centers we are aligning ourselves with our own transcendental cosmic nature.

Apu Ausangate

The Apu Ausangate is the main mountain of the Andean world. He is the great Father who brings the family together. Everything revolves around the mystique and sponsorship of him. There resides an energy called Rúal, which is the soul of everything created. My teachers told me that there are two slopes that derive from its center. The lloque path (left) and the paña path (right). The route of the Q’eros is the right path, and the Turpo lineage is the left current.

We have the vision and the purpose of starting together an initiatory path in this knowledge and power transmissions in both lineages (Turpo and Q’ero) since both sources are very pure and complementary. We are called to be the bridges of this ancient wisdom to spread the seed of hope through our conscious walk. The path we are about to take will make us Pampamisayoq, man/woman-bridge. Mediator between the human world and the spiritual world, we will learn to awaken and deepen our connection with the living forces of nature and the cosmos, we will open the energy centers of the 7 paths (initiation of the rainbow) and learn the fascinating practices of healing and flourishing that the teachers have to share (chumpis, coca leaf oracle, the call of the soul, dispatches…) Through the sublime understanding of walking with respect, gratitude, integrity and above all – the noblest quality of this path- an enormous sweetness and full of joy, celebrating each step, offering each day in a life in love. The masters understand that in this Pachacutik all the understandings, all the forms and all the bloods converge in the center. Thus each race brings its medicine to integrate in complementarity and interdependence. And they say that what the South has to offer is the medicine of the sweetness of the Heart, and we can say, without hesitation, that it is the same. Welcome all of you to the magic of Love!


June 20
  • Meeting in Cusco City
  • Introduction to the Andean Cosmovision Workshop
June 21
  • Transfer to Pacchanta, Apu Ausangate (3 hrs)
  • Introduction of Turpo’s lineage Cosmovision by Rufino Turpo
  • Transmission of the Inca Altar (Misha)
  • Sacred Offering for Apu Ausangate’s Blessing 
  • Rest
June 22
  • Hike to the Sacred Lake Mamacocha (3 hours)
  • Guide and explanation in Sacred place by Rufino Turpo
  • Traditional Offering
  • Camping in the Ausangate Mountain
  • Dinner and Rest
June 23
  • Energetic cleanse in Power Place by Rufino Turpo and Julia Condori
  • Meditation 
  • Baptism Ceremony in the Mamacocha lagoon and Oracle
  • Sacred Fire 
  • Camping in the mountain 
June 24
  • Hike to Amaru Cocha lagoon
  • sacred ritual of initiation in Ancient energetical healing techniques 
  • Camping in the mountain
June 25
  • Return to Pacchanta
  • Rest
June 26
  • Personal 1:1 Healing Session with Master Rufino
  • Return to Cusco City
June 27
  • Integration
June 28
  • Departure

Rufino Turpo & Family

The Turpo lineage has been settled on the slopes of the Great Apu Ausangate since very remote times and the transmission of leadership passes through generations through the touch of 3 rays. Rufino Turpo is the current heir to this sacred relationship and guardian of the Mamacocha, Sonq’ococha, Yanacocha lagoons, the temple of Lightning, the old altar in the center of the lagoon, the stone of the codices and the magical relics of his father and grandparents. His father Nazario Turpo and his grandfather Mariano Turpo were legendary healers and very important activist leaders defending ancestral wisdom. Both played a very important role in the fight against the slavery that landowners inflicted on the indigenous population in their territory. Nazario curated the Andes exhibit at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC, with the Washington Post publishing an extensive article about him in August 2003. Rufino learned from them, especially from his grandfather Mariano, who turned into a mountain looking at the Apu Ausangate when he died.

Rufino and his wife Julia Condori (teacher weaver) will introduce us to the magic of the Apu Ausangate, connecting us with the family of mountains and ñustas that surround the great Apu Mayor. We will receive our sacred name in the oracle of the lagoon and we will receive the Misha (the Andean altar) with the empowerment of the energy of the Apu and Mamacocha. They will offer us an energetic cleanse at the altar of lightning and they will teach us how to invoke the flower garden that lives inside the lagoon.

Alejandro Apaza & Family. Q'ero Nation

At the beginning of the 20th century, Santos Apaza was one of the last “Paqos” (high priests) of the Andean Tradition. He was a renowned Inca healer and one of the last connoisseurs of K’uychi (rainbow) healing. Father of María Apaza, the only Altomisayoq woman (maximum human potential for wisdom) and of Alejandro Apaza, who is in charge of sustaining the healing line of the lineage based on the wisdom of natural and supernatural tissues to open dimensional portals to connect other Pachas ( different space-times) and to make the invocations and empowerments of the Kuntur Mallku (initiation of the condor), of the K’uychi (rainbow), of the Siwar and Q’omer Q’enti (hummingbird on the left and on the right), Amaru (the Andean dragon), Uturunku (jaguar), Mama Ccoto (the 7 Pleiades), etc.

Alejandro is also an extraordinary singer, his voice makes the mountains dance and his spirit possesses extraordinary strength endowed with a very deep humility.

With him and his family we will have the absolute privilege of being initiated into this magical and luminous lineage. Receiving the blessing of the traditional ceremony of the Rainbow in the temple of the moon, cradle of the eagles (representatives of the feminine energy), an energetic cleanse of connection with Mama Mermaid, guardian of the Waterfall and the Hatun Karpay (great Initiation) in one of the most important Apus of the Andean cosmovision, called Sinankara. There, on the elevated part of the glacier, is Q’oyllur Iti, the snow star, where the most important pilgrimage in the Andean world takes place. Once a year the representatives of all the indigenous communities with their troupes of musicians and dancers ascend the mountain in a festivity that is a prayer to the Star from which the Water of Life flows in the cosmos, carrying with them a block of that ice back to their communities to bring fertility, good harvests, abundance, health and wellness to their towns and families.

In that sacred place – only once in the year – during the night of June 23, a connection portal opens with the Pleiades (Mama Ccoto) where we will invoke the energy of a ray of the star towards the heart, to illuminate the purpose of our service towards the highest possibilities of our capacity to Love.

Sacred Initiation in the Peruvian Andean Tradition

Duration: from June 20 – 28, 2023
In the Sacred Valley, Cuzco, Peru.

* Good physical condition. The program will take place in the foothills of snowy mountains of the Sacred Valley of Cuzco. There will be a walk of aprox. 3 hours to the sacred places where we will receive the initiations. We will be around 5000 meters above sea level, in ascents and descents. Good physical conditioning preparation is required.
* Not having had any surgical intervention in a period of three months before the event.
* Do not suffer from heart disease or others that make it difficult to resist high altitude and cold.
* It is suggested to arrive a couple of days before Cuzco to adapt to the altitude.
* It is necessary to have high mountain clothing: thermal polo shirt, down jacket, heater for under pants, gloves, boots with water protection, thermal socks for trekking, wool hat, rain poncho, sunscreen, bottle of water . All these implements can be obtained in the city of Cuzco but it is preferable to arrive already prepared.

It includes:
* Lodging from June 20th to the morning of June 28th with all meals included.
* All transfers of the activities included in the program.
* All the equipment required for the days of camping in the foothills of the snow (tent, mats, blanket, thermal sleeping bag, etc).
* Initiation objects, cleaning materials, offerings and ceremonies.

Does not include:
* Airfare.
* Lodging or food the days before and after the program.
* Airport transfers.
* Medicines or extra food.