Ayahuasca and San Pedro Retreats in The Sacred Valley of Vilcabamba, Ecuador

For those on a journey of personal growth, clarity in life purpose, emotional and physical healing.

Join us for a Retreat in our Family Sancuary if you want to:

  • Reconnect to your heart’s emotions.
  • Discover your authentic, genuine self.
  • Bravely live an honest and coherent life in alignment with your values.
  • Unveil a clear direction in your life.
  • Find your tribe, your family
  • Deeply connect with nature and community.
  • Expand your curiosity and knowledge in your spirit.
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Empowerment and Self-Healing Retreat Through The Sacred Vibrant Energy of Singing

August 08 – 20, 2024 | Cusco, Perú

Join our traditional Plant Medicine Retreat Program with Special Integration Workshops.

SEP 18 – 28, 2024 | Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Join our traditional Plant Medicine Retreat Program with Special Integration Workshops.

NOV 07 – 17, 2024 | Vilcabamba, Ecuador

About Our Shamans

Santiago Ayala and Ximena Morales are certified Curanderos (healers) from Ecuador and Peru. They have lived in the Sacred San Pedro Valley of Vilcabamba with their family for over 20 years. 

Their family rituals weave the rich traditions of North Native American and South American lineages to awaken our spiritual connection and expand consciousness. 

Together they have over 20 years of experience cultivating sacred space for physical, emotional and spiritual healing with shamanic medicine ceremonies.

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Zeke HerschZeke Hersch
02:50 04 Aug 23
Wow. If you’re looking for a breathtaking, beautiful, and magical experience this is the place. I can’t recommend Casa Del Sol enough, from the accommodations to the food to the ceremonies… everything was perfect for me. Ximena, Santiago, and the rest of the family thank you again. I’m going to miss you all so much.Only advice is that the retreat is quite physically and mentally intensive so make sure you’re in good shape before you go.
08:08 02 Aug 23
I had a great cleansing and healing experience at Casa Del Sol. The amount of love and care provided by everyone there was amazing. I would recommend to go here when you get your calling. Thank you Santiago, Ximena, Mateo, Lalilta, Satya, Jessica, Patrick, Aya, David, Natalia, Estefania & the rest of the family! 🙏
16:09 09 Mar 23
The most magical and enlightening of experiences, helping my feel spiritually lighter. Thank you Ximena, Santiago, and your entire family for helping on my journey of healing my body, mind, and soul:) I highly recommend attending this retreat. Everything about my time was perfect, the accommodation, food, and ceremonies were second to none!
My name is Amapola.I live in Vilcabamba and I came here from Israel 5 years ago, following my encounter and teachings of the plant medicines and my teachers in Casa del Sol.I had the privilege to participate in a lot of retreats and life changing ceremonies with Santiago, Ximena, Salvador, Luis and Norma and more….Every time feels the same WOW, but this time this last week of February 2023 and 1.3.23, exceeded all the WOWS in such a way that even my mind still cannot explain and or express.So without trying to put words to the unspeakable, I am going to use words to express my deepest gratitude, admiration, appreciation and humbleness to the entire family of Casa de Sol and all the elements and spirits.For me it started with a peyote ceremony under the beautiful sky full of stars, continued with a profound teaching from the Yopo medicine and Norma with her relation to the medicine and her unique and special human touch from the spirit within her. With Luis and all the beautiful energy of the entire group.The last day for me was the GRAND FINALE, in which no Broadway Show can even touch its “feet”.It was my first time to see Salvador and Santiago combining their shamanic abilities and offering us a spectacular assistance through our collective and most “scary” and important personal journey, with grandmother Ayawaska.I can just recommend all of you to wish yourself this beautiful experience, being supported and guided in realities that we are not familiar with, with those Shamans that I trust upon my experience.When I went out of my mind to a reality with no mind, they were my “Dula”, the signs in the road, the god particle, and my direction providers...at the end we all made it through. I cannot go back now, only forward.Their presence, their songs, the messages that were including in their songs, the vibrations they offered that helped us walking through our deepest fears, so we can see, and fully love what we were used to hate, and even didn’t know….made the processes so much worth it.I remember one of the main messages that helped me:Trust the processes.I trusted them more than the processes itself in the beginning….hahaha….and then the processes showed itself with no expectations as a realization:I must fear love so much….there is no other reason that fear still exists….with the help of the Shamans I opened my eyes to what I couldn’t see before, and only then I could give birth to love that is only to be experienced and felt. I really cannot talk about it more than that. I can just encourage you to reach out.I promised myself to be an example of these teachings, so here I am using words to attract those who are ready to open up to the truth of existence within themselves.It is worth it, and the only way I can reward myself for taking my step on this road, is to continue practicing more of the same and be “a call” for you.The medicine gave me the tools to be the medicine for “myself”, also and specially when I don’t drink it….and I wish all of us will meet each other with open eyes to THAT too.TAT WAM ASI.See you soon.Aho.
Jay HJay H
15:55 07 Jan 23
My wife and I went to Casa del Sol with expectations that we knew exactly what to expect. We were completely blown away in many ways by what we experienced. These people are beyond special. Beyond. The wonderful shaman that we had Santiago, was a gem of a human being and gave off such wonderful energy. Such wonderful stories. The mother energy of Ximena (Pronounced, Hee Men Uh)was something that we will never forget, she smiles with her eyes. Such a nurturing, dedicated spirit. Their son Mateo was mature beyond his young age and is a very old soul. With a great voice. Not to mention the wonderful helpers Ian, Patrick, and David. Ian has one of the best humor I have ever seen and a wonderful voice, Patrick has a wonderful story and a wonderful presence and David is just an amazing little human being. The kitchen staff were some of the most helpful, efficient, friendly people we have ever met in my entire life. So efficient and so accommodating. The food served was always wonderful and exactly what a human being needs at the exact time they need it. The food was 100% vegan except for the occasional egg. The ceremonies with Ayahuasca held by Yana and Mira were some of the most angelic experiences that my wife and I have ever experienced. They are definitely a pair of forest angels. Yana has a voice unlike any human being I have ever heard before. Her musical instruments her voice her presence was so ethereal.. So unreal. Mira had some of the best stories and had a great way of being. The experiences with San Pedro and the hikes, the views, just the entire energy of the entire situation was something way outside of our expectations. The photographs, the videos, the memories will stay with my wife and I for the rest of our lives. We really do hope to go back someday. BRING mosquito repellant!!!!!
Daniel MartinezDaniel Martinez
00:50 18 Nov 21
My retreat was a month ago and I'm still feeling the love and mystery that was cultivated during my stay. I first want to start off with giving thanks to the Casa Del Sol family for sharing their medicines, home, and time, with me and the other attendees.Second the group that I got to attend with was the best I could have asked for. The stars aligned for me at the moment of my retreat. I was going through a lot of hardships and even doubting my life decisions. My goal/plan was to find and cultivate some self love at this place. And I can say with full confidence that I sure did learn a lot about self love and more.The three(four if you include Nassi) medicine people were professional and made me feel at ease during my time there. The way the itinerary was weaved with lessons while each shaman took guidance depending on the day was a thing of beauty.I arrived to Ecuador feeling broken, lost, and in need of guidance. I left Ecuador with my head held high and with confidence instilled in my heart and mind. This place is beacon of light and hope.If you are looking to start your medicine journey look no further. Casa Del Sol with work with you in ways you would never imagine.
Christopher ChiuChristopher Chiu
09:38 28 Sep 18
I’ve been going to see Santiago and his powerful medicine work since 2015 when I 1st met him.The 2nd San Pedro ceremony we had, he changed something inside of me.The next morning after I woke up and started crying b/c I could feel this deep inner shift.It’s hard to put it into words, but the best way to describe it is he removed whatever blockages there were around my heart.I could feel emotions, people, nature & everything else a lot more now.It was as if he took my heart and polished it new.From this experience, I was able to re-connect with myself and my life-purpose.This lead me down the path of becoming a men’s life coach helping others.It has been a career filled with more fufillment and joy. Something that feels in alignment with my values and soul.In 2016, I came back to see Santiago again and brought my brother with me as well to sit in his ceremonies. These were transformative and helped steer me further on my path.The songs and the way Santiago conducts the ceremonies is like no other. It’s impossible to be in them and not feel like you are growing and healing as a person.In 2018, I wanted to start co-leading retreats with Santiago & Ximena. And so I brought 10-clients and we did 3-separate retreats.Casa Del Sol was the perfect place for new beginners to start working with these medicines.The groups are small - not big like other retreats so it’s an intimate setting where everyone is taken care of.The retreat is situated in the beautiful green mountains with clear blue skies and a quiet river running which helps to fall asleep.There are zero distractions around and this space allows you to go inwards and reflect.The cabins are brand new and clean.The food and meals were both delicious and healthy. Ay que rico!The ceremonies that were lead by both Ximena & Santiago were probably my favorite.You get to witness both the divine masculine and feminine working in duo, in harmony and balance.Co-creating magic and healing together. This is rare in the medicine world where two beautiful & powerful souls are merging as one.Bc Ximena & Santiago both speak perfect English, I was able to learn so much more about the medicines, the traditions and the meanings behind them.They also have such big hearts and you can speak to them about whatever and they will be gentle, supportive guides.Santiago’s traditions are not new age - they are steeped in deep traditional roots from both South & North American native traditions & brotherhoods.This is one of the reason’s I choose to go back every year to learn from him. He’s had so much training and experience from many tribes. I trust him completely.Also, this was the 1st time I got to meet Ximena and it was an absolute blessing to be with her. We had many interesting conversations. She shares her wisdom and path which has helped me grow and expand even more.I would absolutely recommend Casa Del Sol to anyone on the medicine path.The fact that I’ve gone back for the last 3-years, as well as brought my own brother and clients should demonstrate that this place runs with love and integrity.You will walk away with more clarity in your life.Feeling more connected to yourself, your life purpose, mission & vision.You will improve your relationships with others and perspective on the world.You will also have a chance to heal deep trauma’s and wounds that you have been carrying since childhood.It was an honor to not only experience this myself, but watch other men go on this same journey of healing & transformation as well.Thank you Santiago & Ximena for everything. I will see you in 2019 :)Much love.Christopher