Shamanic Medicine Retreat

This is an opportunity to connect with the ancestral heart through shamanic medicine healers. Our ceremonies create a connection to the deep truths of the earth by awakening our spiritual relationship and expanding consciousness. In sacred space, we learn how to channel compassion, love and empathy to create deep healing from within.

Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat Ecuador

See what our past family members have said about their experience with Casa del Sol!

A perfect balance of commitment and enjoyment his very presence is some of the best medicine available. This is so much more than a retreat center. This is family, this is a right of passage, this is the most beautiful weaving I have ever experienced, and the gift of carrying my own thread into my own life has been the most beautiful honor I have every received.
Dominique Dastice
I feel encouraged to flourish and to bloom and to live so freely in this life. I have found the woman I am meant to be on this Earth through the guidance of our plant teachers and our human ones. I am beyond honored to have been given the gift of experiencing Casa del Sol. I am humbled and so in love. Thank you thank you thank you. Buen Dia, Buena Vida. To my family in Ecuador, my heart is forever yours. Aho.
Makela Bamonti
I left the retreat having gotten more than I EXPECTED & EXACTLY what I needed. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve returned home with the first few days being extremely challenging for me but since then with daily integration of the lessons I learnt & more being revealed, life continues to unfold for me in the most beautiful magical ways I used to only dream about.
Darlene Bell

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