Certified Shamans

Santiago Ayala and his wife Ximena Morales, certified Curanderos (healers) perform sacred plant medicine ceremonies. Both Shamans have many years of experience in their practice and successfully worked with hundreds of participants.

Tons of Activities

Our retreat is full of activities for everyone regardless of age or physical ability. From nature walks, sound healing, educational and experiential workshops, yoga, to plant medicine ceremonies, you will have an unforgettable experience.

5-Start Reviews

Casa del Sol has received 5-star reviews on all major review websites, such as Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor, AyaAdvisors, and Retreat Guru. Reviews are one of the most important factors you should consider.


We have a range of rooms to suit every type of person. We have rooms in our main house and rooms in our newly built cabins. All rooms have electricity, plug points lighting and are very close to clean modern bathrooms.

English Speakers

Shaman Santiago is fluent in English and Spanish. Shaman Jorge speaks Spanish which is translated by English speaking staff.

Female Staff

Ximena and other Female staff are present throughout the retreat. We ensure all participants feel safe and comfortable.

Delicious Food

Enjoy traditional home-cooked Ecuadorian food. During ceremonies, you'll be given light meals, otherwise, they will be hearty and nutritious.

Expert Staff

Rest easy knowing our friendly Shamans, trained assistants, cooks, and housekeepers are always available to assist you throughout your stay, from dusk till dawn.

Sacred Location

Located in the sacred valley of San Pedro, Vilcabamba (see Wiki page) where the sacred, native San Pedro cactus and Huilcos trees grow wild.

Safe & Secure

Vilcabamba is a very safe small town. We are surrounded by the embracing mountains and flowing river, our neighbors friendly and warm, and within the elements, the house is well protected.