June 23 – 30, 2024

Embodied Voice Immersion Retreat

Empowerment and Self-Healing Retreat Through The Sacred Vibrant Energy of Singing

We are very happy to answer the call that this powerful Andean territory has made to us. We will be in a wonderful place, the beautiful Casa del Sol in the Vilcabamba valley (the valley of longevity), embraced by the river and surrounded by native medicinal plants.

We will be totally immersed in nature for 7 days, living a deep experience of activating our authentic voice, supported by a temazcal ceremony, walks to sacred places, plant baths, offerings to the territory and Embodied Flow and Liquid Body Dance practices.

Retreat offered in English and Spanish

It is also possible to book additional nights in Casa del Sol

The Immersion is a potent in-depth space for all who want to find and ripen their true voice, connecting with singing as a live vibrant energy. This profound exploration of the energetics behind Embodied Singing will ignite the creative source in the center of your being, and allow the sacred qualities of your voice to flow intact, healthy and free.

The Embodied Voice is a holistic method of self-healing and transformation which reconnects individuals and communities to their true voice, vitality and life force, by reactivating their inner vibration and expanding their resonance and creative power.

The immersion is open to all levels.
It is not necessary to have previous singing experience!
You just need a desire and commitment to find your authentic expression.

In this Immersion you will...

• Discover the unlimited potencial of singing from your inner source -which is not an abstract concept- but a VERY tangible physical manifestation of embodying the vibrant energy that runs through everything in creation.

• Upgrade your posture, breathing, phonation, articulation and resonance by developing the whole body as an instrument and vehicle of voice energy.

• Improve your intonation by listening and feeling accurately with the body when you are in tune.

• Recognize limiting relational patterns, which manifest themselves as blockages in your throat and expression.

• Learn how to use your voice to heal wounds in your personal narrative and lineage, restoring the resonance and radiance of your vibratory field.

• Unblock, harmonize and strengthen the energetic centers in the body with healing vocal frequencies and vowels.

• Balance masculine and feminine inner aspects to sing from a place of wholeness within, radically widening your emotional, tonal and expressive range.

• Consolidate your energetic axis to sing (and live!) without depleting your vitality or hurting the phonatory system.

• Experience the power of singing freely with others as one diverse yet unified vibrational field. This multi-layered conscious sound has the potential to clear dense memories and stagnation from people and places, and harmonize discordant energies -past and present-. When we practice the Embodied Voice as a group, we harmonize, restore and nourish the sacred vibratory field of ourselves and others, increasing our capacity to live in harmony despite differences!

Complementary Activities

Temazcal: This traditional ceremony represents rebirth; We return to the womb of Mother Earth to honor the Great Spirit. It is a ritual of healing and liberation with the medicine of the 4 elements.

Hike + Offering: Scenic walk in the mountains of this sacred valley along with a traditional Andean offering as a way to express gratitude for the abundance of the territory that welcomes us.

Embodied flow: Conscious and gentle yoga practice to tune into the body and breath and center our mind.

Liquid Body (dance): A somatic experience to inhabit our body and awaken our being through movement.


The cost includes all Authentic Voice sessions and complementary activities (entrance to the temazcal, hikes, offerings, yoga, and dance) and a 7-night/8-day stay at Casa del Sol in the chosen type of accommodation with all meals included. All accommodations have shared bathrooms.

There are 5 different types of accommodations to choose from:

Double Loft - $975

This is a small loft-style room overlooking the living room. Sold Out.

Double Room in the Main House - $1,375

A spacious and comfortable room in the main house with a shared bathroom outside the room. Last Spot Available.

Private Room in the Main House - $1,575

A comfortable room for one person in the main house with a shared bathroom outside. Sold Out.

Double Cabin by the River - $1,175

Simple cabins for double accommodation with bunk beds. Sold Out.

Private River Cabin by the River - $1,575

A wooden cabin by the river for one person, a short distance from the bathroom complex. Sold Out.

Learn More

If you have any questions about this very special retreat, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you with anything!


1. Fill out the registration form at this link: https://forms.gle/e4DwQk1222EHUhHZA

2. Make the payment for your deposit to reserve your spot: $350 USD (non-refundable*). You must cover the shipping costs. You must send us your payment receipt indicating the desired type of accommodation to lalitavega108@gmail.com

The rest of your payment is received on the first day of the retreat in CASH.


Deposit Payment Methods:

Intermediary bank information: WELLS FARGO BANK
FEDWIRE OR ABA: 26005092
Account number: 2000192321514

Banco de Guayaquil
Ximena Morales Gamarra
ID 0104849377

First Name: Ximena
Last Name: Morales G
Country: Ecuador
Email: giralsol@hotmail.com
Address: Casa del Sol, Sacapo, Vilcabamba
City: Vilacabamba, Loja
Postal Code: 110119
Phone: 593 – 993895963
Send us the MTCN transfer code to collect the money and remember to cover the shipping costs.

Updated Cancelation Policy:

Your $350 deposit is non-refundable. If you cannot participate in this retreat, you must notify us in advance so we can fill-up your spot.

If you cancel before June 7, we will use 50% of your deposit for administrative expenses, and the rest can be used for future immersions with Almunis (within 24 months)

If the cancellation is after June 7, your full deposit will not be refundable or exchangeable for future occasions.


How To Get Here

The easiest and most direct way to get to Vilcabamba from Quito is by taking a local flight to the city of Loja; the company Aeroregional flies twice a day. 

From there, we can help you coordinate a taxi to Casa del Sol (a 1h45m journey for $35 USD).

For questions about transportation, email Lalita to lalitavega108@gmail.com

Meet Your Teacher, Almunis

Almunis (Alejandra Ortiz)

Almunis (Alejandra Ortiz) is a Colombian singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who graduated Magna Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and is a sound therapist with certification from the Voice, Sound, and Music Healing Program at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, California, USA.

In 2004, she founded the visionary electronic folk duo Lulacruza, and under this name, she sang and composed for 14 years. Since 2016, she founded Minük alongside her husband, Swedish singer and producer Markandeya.

Deeply rooted in the timeless ritual practices of the Americas, Almunis is the creator of the Authentic Voice method and has offered hundreds of voice and sound healing sessions around the world since 2005, sharing her connection with singing as a path to self-knowledge and healing. She incorporates yoga, Taoist training, drama therapy, and meditation, as well as her love for the master consciousness of water and plants, in her work of self-discovery through sound.

Marcus Berg (Markandeya)

Markandeya (Marcus Berg) is a Swedish singer, songwriter, and producer who has been sharing pearls of wisdom from the Vedic lineage through world tours with his bands Kultiration and Markandeya. Marcus accompanies our immersion with sonic meditations, sharing his reverence for sound and singing as a golden tool to cultivate true self-love and the expansion of consciousness.

Support Team

Ximena Morales

Ximena is a mother, vision seeker, and co-founder of Casa del Sol. Her childhood was spent during the bloody internal conflict that occurred in Peru during the 80’s and 90’s, which profoundly marked her spiritual search from early on. She has lived in nature since the age of 21, next to rivers and mountains which feel like family for her in the Sacred Valley of the Longevity, Vilcabamba. Here she welcomed her children into the warmth of her home. Becoming a mother of four was her most sacred spiritual INITIATION, both challenging and sublime.

Ximena is initiated as a Pampamisayoc (Andean Priest) within the Andean Q’ero cosmovision and in the Turpo lineage -guardians of the relation with the Apu Ausangate- in the high Peruvian Andes. She also walk the red path of the North Native traditions such as Sun Dancer and Vision Quester.

Lalitā Vega

Lalitā is a devoted yogini & mother with more than 10 years of experience in the field of yoga and meditation. Her broad studies have taken her to India, Bali, Thailand & Myanmar to learn in various schools, ashrams, and monasteries different contemplative practices.

She is a certified as a yoga teacher (YA 900+) and as a Mindfulness teacher (MMTCP) and is also a kambo practitioner. She is the co-creator of The Inner Path, a yoga philosophy card deck, and has taught in various Yoga Teacher Trainings, retreats and immersions.

She is enamored by non-dual Indian philosophy, mythology and chanting, and she is devoted to being of service to the Divine orchestra of life.


Candela Ramos 🇦🇷

Candela has journeyed through ballet, contemporary dance, Argentine Folklore, contact improvisation, Body Mind Centering, and Tango. She has been dancing since she was 5 years old and has been teaching Tango classes in Buenos Aires as well as throughout Europe for over 15 years. She came into contact with the Axis Syllabus in 2012 and became a certified teacher in 2021. The Axis Syllabus provides tools to explore the relationship between Anatomy, Physics, physiology, and the history of human evolution with movement. It offers a perspective on understanding how to be in the body organically, in favor of its potential.

She has experience as a Tango and contemporary dance teacher at Festivals and Schools. As a dancer, actress, and choreographer, she has worked in Berlin (Schaubühne Teather) and France (A part of the whole company). Currently, she is a mother, researcher, dancer, and teacher. Her website is www.candelaramos.art.

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