Ceremonial Mushrooms

Psychoactive fungi are one of the oldest tools used by humans to bring into focus a perspective of present mindedness. These mushroom medicines are one of the most effective resources used to connect with our human essence. This sacred medicine is often referred to as “magic mushrooms”, “shrooms” or “the children of god.” This medicine will only be shared when available (rainy season).


What Ingredients are in Ceremonial Mushrooms?

The psychoactive compound found in ceremonial mushrooms is called psilocybin. This naturally occurring substance interacts with serotonin receptors and other areas of the brain that integrate sensory experiences, creating the effects of synesthesia. 


What are common effects of taking Ceremonial Mushrooms?

The dose, mindset, setting, and your personal chemistry all contribute to the effects of a mushroom experience. There is no journey alike. Each experience with this sacred medicine is unique to the time, place and person. Generally, a mushroom experience has powerful hallucinations and mystical-type experiences. Other common effects include: 

  • Change in heart rate & blood pressure 
  • Nausea 
  • Increased tendon reflexes, tremors, and dilated pupils 
  • Restlessness or arousal
  • Changes in coordinated movement 
  • Feelings of deep calm and relaxation
  • Increased introspection
  • Distorted sense of time 
  • Visual perception changes
  • Synesthesia
  • Strong Emotions


What are the therapeutic benefits of Ceremonial Mushrooms?

The sacred mushroom medicines offer the possibility to expand our awareness into the subtle realms of experience where the perception is not mediated by the ego. When used in ceremony, this medicine acts as a catalyzer of consciousness that moves an experiencer beyond the self-centered mind.

Spiritual HealingThis sacred fungi brings about realization of one’s higher consciousness and potential. This mushroom spirit connects us to Mother Nature by opening our heart to the experience of pure beauty. 

Emotional HealingDipping deep into our emotions on this mushroom medicine brings about enormous positive and lasting changes within the individual self, while also unlocking our creative potential.

Psychological HealingPsychoactive mushrooms have been used to treat a variety of ailments from post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction and more. Substantial and long term decreases in depression and anxiety have been linked to psilocybin therapy. 

Physical HealingPsilocybin mushrooms have been used to clear cluster headaches and also impacts neuroplasticity in the brain, which increases our ability to learn, grow and change.


History Of Ceremonial Mushrooms

The psychoactive fungi have a long history of use in Mesoamerican spiritual and religious rituals. Psilocybin mushrooms are considered to be one of the first conscious expanding substances used by humans, dating back 7,000 years or more. Use of this sacred mushroom is present in many spiritual traditions and rites of passage ceremonies all over the globe.