Rapé (Sacred Tobacco)

Rapé (or Hape) is used to energize, purify energies, ground and bring attention to the present moment. Rapé is a tobacco powder made from ancient plants from the Amazon. This  medicine cleanses the physical, mental and spiritual body. Rapé is typically used before other plant ceremonies. 


What Ingredients are in Rapé?

The main component in the preparation of rapé is tobacco, from which the ashes of the leaves are used. There are various rapé preparations, some entheogenic substances with psychoactive effects. The rapé that is used at Casa del Sol does not have psychoactive qualities and is made from tobacco and Tissunu, the bark of an Amazonian tree.


What are common effects of Rapé?

Rapé is a powerful cleansing tobacco given to attendees to inhale through the nostrils with a tool called “tepi”. Once administered, Rapé can be felt scanning the body for at least 5-10 minutes. A few effects you may experience are: 

  • A deep groundedness 
  • A meditative, calming state
  • Clearings one’s sinuses and throat
  • Burning sensation in the mind and body
  • Nausea (if swallowed)


What are the therapeutic benefits of Rapé?

Rapé creates a sharpened mental acuity while cleansing the mind and body. This medicine has a calming effect, and is also used to treat some colds and detoxify. Its purification effects are one reason Rapé is often used in conjunction with San Pedro and Ayahuasca ceremonies.


History Of Rapé

Tobacco ceremonies is one of the most long-established ways to reconnect with nature, ancestors, and spirits. The traditional use of this medicine comes from Brazil.