Temazcal (Sweat Lodge)

A Temazcal, or sweat lodge, is an ancient ceremony used around the world to represent rebirth, honor of life-giving elements and the Great Spirit. This returning to the womb of Mother Earth is a healing and liberating purification ritual.

What happens during a Temazcal?

We begin by entering a dark, igloo-type hut that is symbolic of the womb held and gave birth to us. Then stones are brought into the space after being heated red-hot from a ritual fire. Once inside, the stones are received with incense and amber. After each stage of stones have been received, the hut is sealed. Sacred water is poured to create the steam that purifies our physical and spiritual bodies. At the end of the four stages, we exit the temazcal reborn.

This ritual of rebirth leads us through the experience of our creation. Prayers during ceremony help us to recall gratitude for the four major passages of humanity: childhood, youth, adulthood and old age. Songs during ceremony help to heal memories, deep emotions and lift the spirit towards a clearer understanding of self. 

History Of Temazcales 

The “House of Heat” sweat lodge ceremonies are a common practice by many Native Americans to cleanse and heal one’s spirit. In ancient Mesoamerica, Temazcales were used to heal illness, improve health, and assist the birthing process. Mexico, Central America and many other areas around the world continue to use it to restore the balance of mind, body and spirit.