Kambo Frog Ceremony

Kambo is a very potent medicine from the monkey frog. The venomous secretion of this bright green tree frog is considered the “ultimate detox” and treats ailments in the physical, emotional and spiritual body. This animal medicine is primarily used by amazonian tribes as a spiritual guide to expand energy from the heart. 

What ingredients are in Kambo?

Kambo is a nocturnal and arboreal frog from the amazon jungle, the frog is known as Giant Monkey Frog and its scientific name is Phyllomedusa bicolour. This frog produces a secretion that contains a synergistic complex of peptides that work as an effective medicine for a variety of different ailments. 

What are common effects of taking Kambo?

The immediate effects of kambo medicine are intense and unpleasant but short-lived, usually lasting no more than 30-40 minutes. Effects vary from each individual, but many report feelings of discomfort. Additional symptoms may include: 

  • Induce deep meditative/introspective states
  • Heat in the head and hands
  • Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
  • Sweating, lite-headedness and swelling 

What are the therapeutic benefits of Kambo?

Kambo has a range of therapeutic applications, both medical and psycho-spiritual. Despite its initial unpleasantness and powerful purgative effects, kambo is widely sought out to revitalize body and mind.

Spiritual HealingKambo is used to “reset” the spiritual body through creating a deep sensation of cleanliness, lightness, tranquility, well-being, inner peace and a deepening of the conscience.  

Emotional HealingKambo can clear out negative energy and emotions stuck within our body. This stored energy can create imbalance that is often expressed through physical, emotional and spiritual blockages, even bad luck and insecurity. After a Kambo session, emotions are often elevated and anxiety, sadness, insecurity and laziness is often released. 

Psychological Healing Kambo works to “clear the pain body” by reorganizing one’s personal psychology and clearing up depression, addiction, and emotional trauma. Purging  itself may serve to let go of bad thoughts, habits, negative personality traits, or persistent life problems.

Physical HealingKambo is a natural vaccine that purifies harmful cells of our body while generating a powerful multiplication of our immunity cells. Kambo has been used to treat physical ailments such as arthritis, infections, autoimmune conditions, and inflammatory conditions.

History Of Kambo in Ecuador

Kambo is used in a ritualistic ceremonial context that takes place early in the morning. The medicine is applied to the skin through small superficial burns.

This medicine has been used for centuries by different tribes from Brazil and Peru. People from the amazon describe “Panema”  as root of all illnesses, imbalances either physical, mental or emotional, even bad luck. “Panema” translated to our language could be conceptualized as “negative energy” that once stored in our human energy field creates imbalance that is later expressed as depresion, anxiety, insecurity or in the physical body as illness. Kambo is considered the main spirit to remove “Panema”.