Our retreat is full of activities for everyone regardless of age or physical ability. From nature walks, sound healing, educational and experiential workshops, yoga, to plant medicine ceremonies, you will have an unforgettable experience.

Mountain & Waterfall Hikes – Breathtaking hikes into high-energy mountains and waterfalls in the valley of longevity.

Meditation, Breathwork & Yoga – We offer instruction in meditation, breathwork, yoga, Qigong, Kirtan chanting, and mudra classes. These classes will ground and connect the group to our elemental nature while relieving stress.

Integration Sharing Circles – Our integration groups provide a safe space to deeply reflect on life, share struggles, and feel supported within a community. In these sharing circles, we encourage vulnerability to honor the existence of our hearts.

Traditional Organic Meals – Enjoy wholesome, organic home-cooked Ecuadorian food cooked by Natalia ‘Nati’ with traditional ingredients and lots of love. Our food consists of many raw fruits and vegetables from local farmers and our own garden!

Offerings & Cleansing Ceremonies – Ximena does weekly offerings to the river with flowers, fruits, candies, incense, stones and jewelry. These offerings and ceremonies purify the spirit and reconnect one with the fluid water element.

Optional Activities

Therapeutic Art Workshops – We have offered various art workshops as a means to embrace and express our emotions through art. Our workshops are dependent on participant interest and change from each retreat. Some of these include:

  • Voice Activation with Mateo
  • Breathwork & Yoga with Mateo
  • Bhakti Yoga with Suzannah
  • Ecstatic Dance with Chambalabamba Community

Physical Therapeutics – Optional activities to relax, remove tension and keep your body in top shape between ceremonies include:

  • Colonic with Blanca
  • Women River Cleansing with Ximena
  • Chiropractic Therapy with Teshna
  • Lymphatic Drainage Therapy with Caitlin
  • Energetic Therapy with Enma
  • Movement Meditation with Maya

Spiritual Readings – These sessions bring us in touch with the universal consciousness we are all connected to through astrology and our basic elemental connections.

  • Midwife Uterus Reading & Relocation with Mama Julia
  • Vedic Reading with Prabhu Mriganath

Town Exploring – Enjoy your rest days visiting local craft shops and cafes in the tranquil Vilcabamba square. Vilcabamba has been referred to as the “Playground of the Inca” in reference to its historic use as a healing place for Incan royalty.

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