Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Ayahuasca is a sacred tea of the Amazonian Native tribe traditions and used for hundreds of years. It has the power to heal through the layers of illnesses: Physical, Emotional, Psychological, and Spiritual.

San Pedro Ceremonies

We hold our San Pedro cactus ceremonies in our Maloka (our temple). Our Maloka is located on the backbone of the sacred mountain in the valley of San Pedro

San Pedro Replanting Ceremony

In nature, there is always balance between giving and receiving. We respect this process in our own approach to life and to ceremony.
San Pedro is our gift to receive during ceremony. After the retreat we replant it, giving it back to the Earth. The experience of replanting the medicine is a symbol, a gesture to grow within ourselves the sacred lessons learned from San Pedro. This is perhaps the most crucial step of reciprocity: to practice integrating the lessons learned.

Mountain Hikes & Waterfall Treks

We will hike into high-energy mountains and waterfalls in the valley of longevity, with medicine (optional). Santiago leads the men to the cascade (waterfall) of force. Ximena climbs to the feminine mountain, the home of the eagles with the women.
If you would like to offer something to the spirit of the mountains, these are the things you might consider bringing: White sage, Dessert sage, Incense sticks, Organic tobacco (American spirit), Sweetgrass, Cedar leaf.

Lessons in Shamanism

We share the sacred indigenous teachings, and we share the knowledge of our ancestors through the traditions and practices of Shamanism. You will get to experience the Shaman’s path, but this is not a training of how to be a Shaman.
Also: This is not a religion.
This is a path of relations.

Meditative Yoga

We offer flowing movements based on relaxing and meditative yoga. It encompasses basic Yoga postures, Qigong, Tai Chi, and Mudra that help us ground and connect to the Earth Elements.

Sharing Circles

After the ceremony, it’s always good to take time to process by oneself. But it is also helpful to process by sharing our experience within the safety of a relaxed and warm circle.

Group Meals

Our delicious meals are home-cooked with traditional Ecuadorian and South American ingredients. Organic and wholesome. (see pics)


Relax and rid remaining tension with a wide range of full body massages. (optional by request)

Meditative Expressive Painting

We look into ourselves, feel and embrace the emotion within us, and then express it on the canvas.

Town Outings

Enjoy your rest days visiting local craft shops and cafes in the tranquil Vilcabamba square. Vilcabamba has been referred to as the "Playground of the Inca" which refers to its historic use as a retreat for Incan royalty.

Temazcal (Sweat Lodge) Ceremony

Literally the “house of hot stones”— is a ceremony of purification of the body and soul through sweat. It symbolizes our return to the womb of Mother Earth, and we intend to emerge from it reborn.

Kambo Ceremony

(optional by request). This natural vaccine purifies harmful cells of our body while generating a powerful multiplication of our immunity cells, allowing us a deep sensation of cleanliness, lightness, tranquility, well-being, inner peace and a deepening of the conscience.

Women River Cleansing Ceremony

We use certain edibles, oils, and herbs to cut, clean, and heal wounds, including memories linked to the womb, and wounds of the female lineage. We deliver all of ourselves to the best of drivers: the power of water.

Andean Ceremony of the Rainbow

This ritual that has been guarded by the Q'ero Nation of Upper Peru since ancient times. It comes directly from the lineage of the Incas and works with the energy of the 7 feminine guardian forces of nature and represented in the 7 colors of the rainbow. Each of them has a power and a function that cleans and activates each chakra of the body. In Casa del Sol we closed the cycle of the retreat with this ceremony delivered by our teachers. We have introduced it in a day that begins with a shot of San Pedro, a traditional Andean offering (despacho), a sweat lodge and culminates with this great blessing through the medicine of the rainbow.