Hikes and power walks are carried out with the purpose of reconnecting the individual with the heartbeat of nature, to make a stronger bond with high-energy places in the valley of longevity.

We use San Pedro medicine during these hikes because it allows us to access states of consciousness in which we can appreciate the beauty of nature, the beauty of the present moment, of been alive breathing and to recognize the importance of caring for the environment and in the same way the importance of being connected to nature.

Santiago leads the men to the sacred waterfall of force to receive a cleanse. Ximena climbs to the feminine mountain of the valley called Guarango, the home of the eagles with the women.

If you would like to offer something to the spirit of the mountains, these are the things you might consider bringing: White sage, Dessert sage, Incense sticks, Organic tobacco (American spirit), Sweetgrass, Cedar leaf.