Ayahuasca Retreat in Ecuador

Ayahuasca is a revered and respected sacred medicine. It is considered a spiritual and physiological remedy for all purposes. This is because this medicine can instruct the drinker in their own healing, can give them visionary insight, and aid them in the remedy of psychological imbalances.

Ayahuasca, or Yage, are traditional native names from the Amazon for a particular vine found in the Amazon jungle, otherwise known by its botanical name, Banisteriopsis Caapi. Ayahuasca is used throughout the Amazon by Ayahuasqueros and Curanderos (shaman), in order to access the visionary, mythological or spiritual realms, and for physical, mental and spiritual healing.

For indigenous people such as the Shippibo tribes of Peru, Ayahuasca is “the Mother of all Medicines”. Other indigenous peoples regard Ayahuasca as the Grandmother. Also known as “the Vine of the Souls,” Ayahuasca acts as a mediator and translator between the human and plant worlds and even teaches humans how to better communicate with plants and how to use them for various purposes. Ayahuasca is considered a communicating being who guides, teaches, and heals.

She will help you to realize what is truly important in your life, and she will show you what is not. Sometimes these can be wonderful revelations, and sometimes what is revealed can be difficult to face. But Ayahuasca hands us the key; it is our job to make the necessary changes, to put the key in the door and open it.