Getting to Ecuador

Casa del Sol Retreat Center is located in the beautiful Sacred Valley of San Pedro in Vilcabamba. The closest airport is the Catamayo (Loja Airport, LOH)

  • The best travel itinerary is to book your flight to Quito (UIO), as flights to Loja are currently only departing from Quito. Once in Quito, please book a flight to Loja Airport (LOH) through Aeroregional. You can reserve your ticket here:
  • Please note that flights to Loja Airport are currently available only 4 times a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Make sure your flight ticket matches one of these days.


COVID-19 Protocols

  • The 14-day quarantine upon entering the country was lifted in August, and the only requirement now is a negative COVID test result, maximum of 10 days before your arrival.
  • Ecuador has transitioned to a new normality. Certain security measures are still being followed in the big cities. In little towns, where the number of cases has been kept to a minimum, life is slowly going back to normal.
  • People here in Vilcabamba still rely on natural plant medicine and preventive uses of those medicines to strengthen their immune system. The Sacred Valley is offering a place to be more relaxed during this pandemic where we are surrounded by the beauty of Nature.


Getting to the Retreat Center

  • After you land at the Loja ‘Catamayo’ Airport (LOH), we will have a taxi service ride  waiting and ready to take you to Casa del Sol, after you enjoy a 90-minute drive through the beautiful Andean valley.
  • Please let us know your arrival and departure flights and times in for us to coordinate accordingly.


  • Alternatively if you arrive days before the start of the retreat, you may take a taxi from the airport to Vilcabamba, the closest town to our center.
  • There are many beautiful accommodations here in the valley. We highly recommend Hosteria Izhcayluma:
  • If staying in Vilcabamba, to get to Casa del Sol you can take a taxi from the town square and tell them to take you to ‘Casa de Santiago y Ximena en barrio Sacapo en San Pedro’. It’s the first bridge by the river on the right hand side. The fare is approximately $4, depending on where in town you start your journey. The following is a photo of our entrance.

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