Getting to Ecuador

  • Casa del Sol Retreat Center is located in the beautiful Sacred Valley of San Pedro in Vilcabamba. The closest airport is the Catamayo (Loja Airport, LOH).

  • The best travel itinerary is to book your flight to Quito (UIO), as flights to Loja are currently only departing from Quito. Once in Quito, please book a flight to Loja Airport (LOH) through Aeroregional or LATAM.
  • Please note that flights to Loja Airport are currently available everyday. Make sure you check their website for any updates in the days available.

COVID-19 Protocols

  • Ecuador no longer has COVID documentation requirements, meaning you can enter without a vaccination card or PCR test.

  • People here in Vilcabamba still rely on natural plant medicine and preventive uses of those medicines to strengthen their immune system. The Sacred Valley is offering a place to be more relaxed during this pandemic where we are surrounded by the beauty of Nature.

Getting to the Retreat Center

  • After you land at the Loja ‘Catamayo’ Airport (LOH), you can take a taxi directly to our Center.
  • We can organize taxi direct transfers from Loja airport to Casa del Sol. Please let us know your arrival and departure flights and times in case you would like us to coordinate this for you.
  • The taxi ride is a 60-minute drive through beautiful Andean valley and costs $30.
  • Alternatively if you arrive days before the start of the retreat, you may take a taxi from the airport to Vilcabamba, the closest town to our center.
  • There are many beautiful accommodations here in the valley.
    We highly recommend Hosteria Izhcayluma.
  • If staying in Vilcabamba, to get to Casa del Sol you can take a taxi from the town square and tell them to take you to ‘Casa de Santiago y Ximena en barrio Sacapo en San Pedro’. It’s the first bridge by the river on the right hand side. The fare is $3.50 from the central park. The next slide shows a photo of our entrance