Kambo Ceremony Retreat (Tree Frog Medicine) in Ecuador

The Kambo medicine is the secretion of the giant leaf or monkey frog, a bright green tree frog native to the Amazon basin. It can be found in the rainforest regions of Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, and parts of Venezuela, Bolivia, and Guianas.

Kambo s therapeutic applications, both medical and psycho-spiritual, Kambo frog healing ceremonies and Kambo cleanses are widely sought out to revitalize body and mind.

It’s supposedly named for the legendary pajé (or medicine man) Kampu. This shaman is said to have learned about the medicine from a forest spirit, having exhausted all other means to heal his tribe.

The medicinal secretion of this frog is traditionally used for:

  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Increasing strength and stamina
  • Clears negative energy sometimes stored in the human field.
  • Deep cleansing at the energetic, mental, spiritual, emotional and physical level.
  • Can cure autoimmune diseases, kills candida, helps treating depression, insomnia, chronic stress and fatigue, dealing with pain. 
  • Very well known as a cancer healing therapy.
  • Works mainly as a spiritual guide bringing self-confidence to open the heart

It is applied through the skin through small burns. The effects of the ceremony can be nausea, heat, fast heartbeat, swelling, and dizziness.

Each Kambo ceremony session last between 40 to 55 minutes depending on the individual.

It is highly recommended to do Kambo frog medicine the day previous of an Ayahuasca ceremony.

To obtain the secretion, the frog is not killed, it is only stressed to release the secretion.