Preparations for Working with Plant Medicines

Fundamentally, there are two dimensions to working with these medicines. Firstly, they are an incredible cleansing and purifying medicines, which can rid the body of physical impurities, the mind of emotional problems and the soul of spiritual issues that have accumulated over one’s lifetime – many believe even problems from previous incarnations!

Second, they are teachers who can lead one into a lifelong journey of deep personal transformation, and a closer connection to the Divine within each one of us. Striving towards the realization of one’s “spiritual self” is a crucial element when partaking of Ayahuasca and San Pedro. It is essential to set out your intention clearly, and to approach the work with commitment, determination, and respect for the Medicine. You will need personal integrity and courage as you will often face parts of yourself that you have previously shied away from. We must be clear that Ayahuasca and San Pedro workshops have nothing whatsoever to do with so-called “recreational drug use,” even the use of other entheogens in less traditional contexts – the Workshops are offered as an opportunity for you to do serious work: rebalancing, cleansing and learning about your true self. If you approach the work with focus, sincerity, and dedication, then the results can be highly beneficial. Needless to say, the reverse can also be true – the recommendations here are the product of many generations of experience and are essential to a safe and productive journey.

General Recommendations

The diet is not only about food. It also basically includes relative solitude and minimal talking, especially idle chit chat. For people in industrialized countries, a modern diet would definitely include a fast from television, radio, mass media, advertising, technology, Smartphones, social nets, etc. Also start to reduce caffeine, eliminate alcohol.


Preparation prior to the Ayahuasca Ceremony, Seven (7) days before at least.

  1. If you are consuming medicines or medical-neurological, psychiatric or other treatment, you must stop consuming them, at least ONE WEEK before taking Ayahuasca, you must inform the Curaca or facilitator, as well as the coordinator(s) of the event of his condition as well as the state of health that is in the moment.
  2. Moderately eat fresh, natural foods and avoid red meats, pork (chops, bacon, sausages, etc.), chicken and eggs recommended only those raised in open environments. Also avoid fat, spicy (hot peppers), very spicy foods, onions, cheeses, milk, garlic, and acids. Avoid drinking alcohol and any other type of psychotropic and/or narcotic drugs.
  3. Drink plenty of liquid, especially water, or natural non-citrus juices.
  4. Have a purpose and above all respect to taking medicine.
  5. Shall refrain from sexual intercourse or activity at least the day before the Ayahuasca intake, as well as the consumption or intake of alcohol.
  6. It will be necessary and essential to stop eating or ingest Onions, Cheese, Milk or Citrus, at least seven (7) days before the Ayahuasca Ceremony, since the consumption of these foods or liquids, inhibits the vision or pint during the course in which you live your process.


What to Bring

We thoroughly recommend you bring a journal for keeping note of your experience and even a separate journal for your dreams.

  • Art supplies to draw, paint if you are creative
  • Light rain jacket/anorak
  • Lightweight hiking boots
  • T-shirts, shirts
  • Flip flops
  • Shorts for the day time
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hat
  • Swimwear
  • Water bottle (for walks)
  • Lighter
  • Flashlights
  • Towels - large and small although we will provide you with one clean one on arrival
  • Lip balm
  • Sunblock
  • Small backpack for hiking

*Please try to use natural products without chemicals for your personal care

We would truly appreciate if you could bring white sage, desert sage, incense sticks, organic tobacco (american spirit), sweet grass, cedar leaves and lavender flowers, to be offered during the ceremonies or the ritual offerings.


Additional Recommendations

We would strongly advise you to also work with breathing exercises, yoga and/or meditation as much as possible before, during and after attending a workshop. From experience, we have found them to be very compatible with the work and often highly beneficial to the overall

Results. We would also like to emphasize that physical activity is very important for us during the retreats. We consider that walks in the sacred mountains of the generous valley where we come to heal ourselves are a great form of purification, honoring and acknowledging all the spirits that inhabit in it, praying for assistance, support, vision and giving thanks as well. The walks are an important part (of the program) – they are not obligatory – that is why we suggest starting some kind of physical training that will allow you to have a moderate level of performance.