Retreat Preparation

This kind of inner work requires a clear intention.

It asks for commitment, determination and respect for the medicine.

You will face new aspects of yourself, some amazingly beautiful and others uncomfortable. This will require you to look at yourself with integrity and courage. The opportunity you are given is to do the difficult work of rebalancing, cleansing beliefs that no longer serve, to learn more about your true, authentic self.

Approach this work with focus, sincerity and dedication by taking good care of yourself, following the preparation guide and journaling your intentions prior to the retreat.

Medical Preparation

  • You MUST report your health status to the medicine facilitator.
  • Stop taking medications or medical-neurological, psychiatric or other treatments at least TWO MONTHS before the retreat (consult with your health physician).
  • Abstain from psychotropic, narcotic and recreational drugs.
  • Please see our more extensive Medical Guidelines to working with plant medicines

Mental Preparation

  • Have a purpose and, above all, respect for all medicines.
  • Adopt a meditative, contemplative practice, such as: Yoga, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Mindfulness, Breathwork.
  • Avoid the use of pornography, and limit excessive use of television.
  • Begin journaling your intentions prior to the retreat for connecting with the medicine, for your time in retreat and what you hope to leave from the retreat with.
  • Begin journaling your dreams prior to the retreat.

Physical Preparation

  • Use physical exercise to seek a coherent mind-body relationship.
  • Drink lots of liquids, natural sugar-free juices and water.
  • Avoid red meat, pork (cutlets, bacon, sausages, etc.) Also avoid unhealthy fats, hot seasonings (hot peppers), very spicy foods, dairy products, highly refined products, especially those containing sugar.
  • Abstain from sexual activities for 4 days before any medicine.
  • Abstain from alcohol, marihuana and caffeine consumption.

Dietary Preparation

We advise you to begin the diet at least two weeks before a retreat and to continue the diet for at least two weeks after the last ceremony.

  • Proteins: Eggs (poached, hard boiled, scrambled), organic free-range chicken, wild-caught mild fish (sole, seabass, turbot, tilapia, halibut, trout, snapper), lentils, beans.
  • Grains: Brown rice, lentils, quinoa, what berries, amaranth,
    gluten-free pasta, whole wheat, spelt, kamut.
  • Veggies: ALL vegetables EXCEPT onions and garlic
  • Fruits: ALL
  • Raw Nuts + Seeds (unsalted)
  • Beverages: Herbal teas, coconut water, nut milks, water
  • Fresh herbs (basil, oregano, thyme, sage, dill, etc)
  • Mild spices (cumin, coriander, dill, sage, etc)
  • Note: Vegetarian diet is ideal

Additional Preparations

We strongly advise you to work with breathing exercises, yoga and/or meditation as much as possible before, during and after attending a workshop. They are highly beneficial to the overall results.

Physical activity is also very important during the retreats. The hikes are not obligatory, but they are an important part of the program. So we suggest starting some kind of physical training that will create a moderate level of performance to join these hikes.

What to Bring

We recommend you bring a journal for keeping note of your experience and dreams.

  • [ ] Art supplies to draw or paint
  • [ ] Any musical instruments
  • [ ] Light rain jacket/anorak
  • [ ] Lightweight hiking boots
  • [ ] T-shirts, shirts
  • [ ] Flip flops
  • [ ] Shorts for the day time
  • [ ] Sunglasses & Sunhat
  • [ ] Castille organic soap (liquid or bar)
  • [ ] Swimwear
  • [ ] Water bottle (for walks)
  • [ ] Lighter
  • [ ] Flashlights
  • [ ] Towels – large and small*
  • [ ] Lip balm
  • [ ] Sunblock
  • [ ] Small backpack for hiking

Please only bring biodegradable personal care products without chemicals.

Gifts for the Shamans

If you want to collaborate with some northern herbs for our offerings we would really appreciate it:

  • White Sage
  • Desert Sage
  • Organic Tobacco
  • Cedar Leaf
  • White Copal
  • Sweet Grass
  • Habanero Tobacco
  • Chocolate

You can also bring:

  • Organic Herbal Tea
  • Organic Seeds to Plant

In the native Andean language, we offer the spirits our ‘Ayni’. This offering is of our highest potential, gratitude and love as an act of retribution that symbolizes all the abundance we receive.