Vision Quest

Nov 10 - 21

We have the deep pleasure of being able tu summon the family to pray together the 2023 Vision Quest in the Sacred Valley of Longevity

We feel deeply honored to raise again the prayer of Vision Quest, where with our hearts open and naked, we offer the purest austerity of silence and thirst to penetrate into the purpose of our lives in the intimacy with Nature.

This is how our ancestors taught us to tap into the source and we honor it by inviting you all to sit together to rest in prayer.

We look forward to those who feel called to deepen this path.


The Vision Quest is an offering of 4 days and 4 nights in the mountain, in solitude, imploring the Great Spirit a vision for your life.
In those days, there is no eating, drinking or speaking. 

Day 1
  • Arrival
  • Personal Interview
  • Sweat Lodge
Day 2
  • San Pedro Daytime Ceremony
  • Sound Healing Bath
Day 3
  • Yoga
  • Preparation of the prayers for the Vision Quest
Day 4
  • Rest and Integration
  • Kirtan
Day 5
  • Sweat Lodge
  • Sowing of seekers in the mountains
  • Day #1 in the mountain
Day 6
  • Day #2 in the mountain
Day 7
  • Day #3 in the mountain
Day 8
  • Day #4 in the mountain
Day 9
  • Harvest of the seekers
  • Sweat Lodge
  • Rest
Day 10
  • Yoga
  • Art Workshop
Day 11
  • Yoga
  • Offering
  • Voice Activation Workshop
  • Ayahuasca Ceremony
Day 12
  • Departure