Upcoming Women’s Retreat Oct 1-12

Past Retreats:


Norma Alvarez (Mexico)

Norma was blessed with the opportunity to receive the knowledge and prayer of the Yopo Medicine from the hands of the legendary Taita Bolivar, from the Piaroa tribe in Venezuela (since ancient times, they have been considered the most devoted guardians of this tradition). Three years ago, at the age of 110 years old, Taita Bolivar embarked on his journey back to the stars. He started drinking Yopo medicine since he was 8 years old, every other day until the day he passed away. It is thought that the Yopo medicine safeguards our connection with the Pleiades, it is like a meteorite that takes your soul in a journey to meet the ascended masters that dwell there. This medicine allows us to travel inside ourselves and connect with the brightest and deepest part of our true essence. It’s a mirror that shows us our ‘blind spots’ in how we conduct ourselves in life and in our relationships in order to heal them and go forward in our path, connecting us with the Love and Kindness that resides inside our hearts so we can manifest in our search to become better human beings. It’s a very introspective, direct and clear experience. It can be a visionary experience and works at a deep level of our consciousness: It’s very loving and profoundly transformational. Rigorous preparation is required beforehand in order to drink this medicine. If you feel called to experience this powerful medicine, let us know so we can share the details with you.

Sabine Cihuateotl (Brazil)

Sabine is a medicine woman and naturologist. She was trained in UNISU ( Brasil) , where she specialized in iridology, gem therapy, flowers of Bach and naturopathy. She has lived a natural lifestyle for 9 years, specializing her journey with the sacred plants. She leads medicine trekking and she holds the Dance of the Water. She lives in Zhuracpamba with her husband Juan Oceloti and is the first medicine woman to work with rescued animals through medicine plants, making them go back to their instict to be in nature again. She takes her journey across Ecuador, Brazil, and Europe.
She will be sharing the loving medicine of Grandfather San Pedro, harvested in the andean mountains of Zhuraccpamba, coming from a 800 hundred years-old grandfather cactus. This beautiful sister is a woman who is very connected to the Animal Kingdom. And she is coming to howl at the moon with us, the other ‘she-wolves’ of the tribe!

Paulina Oviedo (Ecuador)

Paulina has 18 years of experience as a Medicine Woman, working with Grandmother Ayahuasca. She founded the collective ‘Mujeres de Luna, Canto, Conocimiento y Orígenes’, which seeks to rescue and share the Native Chants from the Indigenous People, so they are lost into Oblivion, and to help raise the vibration during this time of need. She is a vision seeker, bearer of the pipe, Sun dancer, and dancer of the Stars of the Ancestors. Through her profound connection with the Jungle grandfathers and grandmothers, she received the message to share this loving medicine. For the past 15 years, she has been leading Sharing Circles in Ecuador and Mexico. She walks the path of the Prayer of the Obsidian Mirror (el Rezo del Espejo de Obsidiana)

Ximena Morales (Peru)

Ximena the event’s organizer. She has lived on the banks of the Uchima River in Vilcabamba, Sacred Valley of Longevity, for 20 years. She prays to the sacred Water. She has been initiated in the Qéro tradition (Alto Perú), in the lineage of María Apasa (Altomisayoc) and also of Rufino Turpo. Co-founder of Casa del Sol (Vilcabamba), where she works together with his husband, medicine man Santiago Ayala. This will be the 3rd installment of this call for Sisterhood, the vision behind this gathering is to reconnect with the energy of the Divine Feminine; always through the act of sharing, because only by sharing, appreciating and loving we can open the heart. This time, she has summoned her most dear and valued colleagues to assist in this deep journey through this precious mystery of the Feminine towards the embrace of the Light.

Suzannah Ohlune (Canada)

In 2011, she and her partner moved to Vilcabamba, to follow their dream to create a retreat center where they could offer inspired ways of living in wholeness and connection to Earth. And Canción del Corazón (Song of the Heart) Wholistic Lifepath Center was born. She is a Wholistic Wellness Educator and Life Coach. During the past years, together with her partner, a skilled musician, she developed a type of devotional yoga they named Bhakti Yoga. Also, she also possesses a vast knowledge in Permaculture and enjoys holding Kirtan sessions open to the community. During the event, she will help us nourish and support the detox process of our bodies with organic, mainly raw vegan cuisine.

Maya Choi (South Korea)

Maya is a steward of the mountain ENCHANTING WIND in the Ecuadorian Andes. She is a Tai chi, Tao yoga, and Reiki practitioner. She is a freedom seeker, nature lover, and a photographer. Tao yoga consists of movements of flowing nature. It connects us with the elements. It consists of a fusion of: basic yoga postures, Qigong, Tai chi and mudras, that help us ground ourselves with Earth. It helps attain relaxation and a meditative state of being. The focus of this practice is to deepen into awareness and mindfulness in order to flow better with the waves of life. She will also be offering the Meditative Art workshop.

Chetan Pyassa (USA)

Pyassa lives in Vilcabamba. However, she spends half of the year traveling around the world leading workshops about Sacred Sexuality and How to heal Trauma in Men and Women. She is a Trauma-Informed Certified Somatic Sexologist, Intimacy Coach, Ceremonialist and Interdisciplinary Pelvic Specialist. She has over 25 years experience in the world of the Healing Arts.





Titi Rocha de Paula (Brasil)

Titi de Paula, born in Brazil, has experienced a diversity of spiritual practices during his travels around the world. Ten years ago, he started his studies of the Ancestral Cosmovision of Health, from the native tribes of the Americas. During this time, he had the opportunity to live and learn their way of life from 12 ethnic groups in South America. He will join the gathering to offer the medicine of Kambo. This medicine allows for a powerful and deep healing, and is also aids to prepare oneself for both Ayahuasca and Yopo.

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