*NOTE: Groups are limited to a maximum of 12 people per retreat. Keeping our groups small allows us to offer one of the most intimate Ayahuasca and San Pedro retreats available and delivers optimal experiences.

To reserve a spot or check if you qualify, let us know the dates you're are interested in.

Retreats 4-Day Retreats 8-Day Retreats 12-Day Retreats
General Retreat May 17-21 May 17-24 May 17-28
General Retreat Jun 12-16 Jun 12-19 Jun 12-23
General Retreat FULL FULL FULL
General Retreat Aug 6-10 Aug 6-13 Aug 6-17
General Retreat Sep 8-12 Sep 8-15 Sep 8-19
General Retreat Oct 12-16 Oct 12-19 FULL
General Retreat Nov 2-6 Nov 2-9 Nov 2-13
General Retreat FULL FULL FULL
General Retreat Jan  3-7 Jan 3-10 Jan 3-14
General Retreat Feb 1-5 Feb 1-8 Feb 1-12
General Retreat Mar 1-5 Mar 1-8 Mar 1-12

General Retreat Activities

We host two main retreat programs at our center:

  1. Our General Retreat (list of activities are below)
  2. A men's retreat called Hero's Journey. To see more info on the men's retreat, visit http://www.herosjourneyexperience.com/.

To see more information about the activities below, visit our Activities page.

4 days 8 days 12 days
Ayahuasca Ceremonies 1 2 2
San Pedro Ceremony (plus more San Pedro activities, see below) yes yes yes
Kambo (optional) yes yes yes
Active Meditation Workshop yes yes yes
Sharing Circles yes yes yes
Sacred Pipe Ceremony yes yes yes
Energetic Herbal Fire Cleanse (for Men) yes yes yes
Energetic Womb River Cleanse (for Women) yes yes yes
San Pedro Waterfall Hike yes yes
Sweat Lodge Ceremony yes yes
Traditional Andean Offering (Despacho) & Rainbow Healing yes yes
Tao Yoga and Mudras Workshop yes yes
Art Workshop yes yes
San Pedro & Mushroom Sweat Lodge Ceremony (seasonal)
San Pedro Hike with Offering Ceremony to the Guaranga Sacred Mountain
Kundalini Yoga yes
Massage (optional) yes
Vedic Astrology Readings (optional) yes


Pricing (USD)

Room Options




Private Room




Shared Room




Additional Pricing:

  • Extra night stay +$35, optional breakfast +$10, optional 3 meals +$20
  • Kambo Ceremony +$40
  • Vedic Astrology Reading +$60